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S.Abelas & Co. Real Estate is the name you can trust for over 50 years experience in the industry. We are a bespoke Agency providing our clients with specialised custom service in Commercial & Residential Property Management.

Abelas & Co. is the leading specialist in Commercial Property Management with extensive background expertise in Business Brokerage including food outlets, restaurants, café’s, supermarkets, manufacturing and many other.

Having sold thousands of businesses in our 50 years Sydney & NSW wide we have the skills to qualify tenants.

Our commitment is of a national standard of integrity priding ourselves on our honesty and personalised service, as well as maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our clients.

Our focus is on Commercial Property Management in the Sutherland Shire . The service we provide continues to attract the most appropriate Lessors & Lessees.

Our experience and knowledge of effective advertising & marketing strategies in selecting the most successful media partners assists us in advertising our clients properties to the fullest capacity offering the widest exposure.

Abelas & Co continue to search for new methods in attracting and screening potential tenants for our clients.

In order to maintain our credibility with these potential tenants we will continue to select and focus our efforts in obtaining the correct & accurate information from the Lessor.

Abelas & Co offers its clients the advantage of experience in;

Determination of an equitable Leasing rates for their properties
Preparing a profile for each its clients properties’
We compile an internet page with selected photographs to be hosted on our website with a specially constructed search engine with world wide exposure
We access our extensive database to potential tenants
We assist Lessee’s with selecting the right property that suits them.

Leasing a Property may seem overwhelming for the Lessor and Lessee however finding the right property or tenant that suits you can be hard work. You need honest legitimate information in order to avoid making the wrong decision in the leasing of your investment.

A successful Property Manager has the knowledge, experience & instinct, to assist you step by step in finding the property that suits you. We at, S.Abelas & Co. have built years of trust and integrity in bringing Lessors & Lessees together in the Leasing market. We have dealt with the same clients on an ongoing basis and have impeccable product knowledge of the market.

We assist Lessors in preparing their Property for Leasing by marketing their property and ensuring they obtain the highest possible rental for their property.

In our experience, Lessors who have attempted to lease their properties independently believe that leasing is an easy task, however they often become disappointed with the response of prospects who are not genuine. Without the right qualifications & experience in the specialised field of Property Management, Leasing your Property can be a very stressful experience, which can result in loss of time & investment.. We have been in this industry for over 50 years and are up to date with all the market trends & statutory requirements in leasing your property. We can assist in the preparation of leasing your property, for example, co-ordinating & obtaining all the Legal & Statutory Documents required for the Lease. Making the process smooth and stress free for the Lessor.

For confidential, obligation free discussions and advice, or an accurate market appraisal on what your property is valued at in this current market, please call Spyros or Maria of S. Abelas & Co on 0414 29 8899 and speak to one of out professionals, or alternatively, contact us via our contact form below.


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P.O. Box 1418, Cronulla NSW 2230


0414 29 8899

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